Industry Experience

30 years of experience in IT industry, our team is kept up-to-date with extensive local training on the latest technology advances and skills required..

One-stop Service

Ranging from maintenance services, server, desktop, POS terminal, notebook, printer, storage device, UPS and spare parts etc.​

Service Level

Certified to ISO 9001 of ISO quality management system and Authorized Service Centre for multiple IT Vendors​

Customer Satisfaction

Professional Service Center which strive for customer satisfaction

Flexible Support Hours

We provide flexible onsite 7×24, 5×8 customer support are committed in delivering total satisfaction to customers. ​

Wide Range of Skills

Our technical support teams with a wide spectrum of professional experience and qualification such as ITIL, MCSA, MCSE, Office 365 and manufacture’s certified technician.​


Latest NEWs

Jabra及Jaybird產品之維修服務停止 Repair Service Suspension For Jabra & Jaybird Products

Jabra及Jaybird產品之維修服務停止  由2019年10月1日開始,本公司將停止為Jabra及Jaybird產品提供維修服務。如有需要,客戶可前往其總代理商維修Jabra及Jaybird產品。詳情如下: 廣博電腦有限公司 地址:             香港九龍觀塘偉業街166號嘉靈大廈地下 營業時間:     星期一至五 : 上午10時至晚上7時; 星期六 : 上午10時至下午2時; 星期日及公眾假期 : 休息…


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